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If you are a Vegetarian or not, having a meat free meal a couple times a week will help to keep your body in top order. A lot of people that are thinking about going to a Vegetarian lifestyle tend not to because they think Vegetarian cooking is a whole lot harder then cooking with meat, but really it doesn't have to be.

We offer some great recipes at our Vegetarian Cooking Classes to help you. To give you some extra tips before you come along to one of our Vegetarian Cooking Classes have a look below at 3 simple ways to help you make the switch to Vegetarian Cooking.

  1. Keep with the family favourites. Cooking lasagne or bolognese has always been a family favourite and a quick and easy meal to prepare. All you need to do is modify the recipe to be meat free, and remember you don't need to replace the meat with just veggies you can use one of the many soya-based meat equivalents as well. (Our Vegetarian Cooking Classes go through great meat alternatives to use in your dishes!)
  2. If you're not sure if you or the family can stay away from meat entirely all at once, then you should look at making staged progress. First stop eating red meat and move to just eating white meats like Chicken and Fish, then once you are comfortable move to eating no meat.
  3. When eating out try a range of Vegetarian dishes so you can the taste for what chef's are using to "replace" the meat flavours in the dishes so you can use them when cooking for yourself at home.

Looking forward to seeing you at one of our Vegetarian Cooking Classes.